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Celtest can offer a wide range of UKAS accredited on-site testing and sampling services. Should you require any of the testing listed below, or anything that may not have been listed, please contact us.






On-Site Concrete Testing Services

Sampling fresh concrete on site:- BS EN 12350-1
composite sample  
spot sample  
Slump BS EN 12350-2
Degree of compactability BS EN 12350-4
Air content – water column method BS EN 12350-7
Making cube specimens for strength tests BS EN 12390-2
Curing cubic specimens for strength tests BS EN 12390-2
Depth of carbonation BS 1881-201: BRE IP 6/81
Resistivity BS 1881-201
Taking cores BS EN 12504-1
Drilling for dust samples Concrete Society Technical Report 60
Location of reinforcement BS 1881-204
Half-cell potential of uncoated reinforcing steel in concrete ASTM C 876-09
Visual hammer survey In-House

 On-Site Bituminous Testing Services

Measurements of Temperature:- BS EN 12697-13
in a lorry
of laid materials
in a heap
Sampling:- BS EN 12697-27
from the material around the augers of the paver
of workable material in heaps
of laid and compacted materials by coring
In-situ density:- In-House
nuclear method
dielectric method

On-Site Soil Testing Services

Moisture Condition Value BS 1377-4
In-situ density – sand replacement method BS 1377-9
In-situ density – core cutter method BS 1377-9
In-situ bulk density – nuclear method BS 1377-9
Vertical deformation and strength characteristics by the incremental plate loading test BS 1377-9
Determination of equivalent CBR value using the plate bearing test

Specification for Highway Works:

Design Guidance for Road Pavement Foundations Interim Advice Note 73/06

Equivalent CBR value using a dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) IAN 73/06

On-Site Pavement Testing Services

Texture depth by the sand-patch method BS 598-105
Irregularities on surfaces of roads, footways and other paved areas using type 1 straightedge with fixed support feet and wedge A BS 8420
Pavement surface macrotexture depth using a volumetric patch technique BS EN 13036-1
Slip / skid resistance of a surface – the pendulum test BS EN 13036-4
Irregularity measurement of pavement courses – the straightedge test BS EN 13036-7
Surface regularity using a rolling straight-edge Specification for Highway Works Clause 702
Surface accuracy Defence Works Functional Standard Marshall Asphalt for Airfields Specification 013
Concrete surface regularity Defence Works Functional Standard Pavement Quality Concrete for Airfields Specification 033
Surface accuracy Defence Works Functional Standard Stone Mastic Asphalt for Airfields Specification 049
Skid Resistance Value TRRL Road Note 27/69

On-Site Aggregate Sampling

Sampling Aggregates BS EN 932-1
Sample Reduction BS EN 932-2

Non-UKAS Miscellaneous Site Tests

Soil porosity value (Percolation test) BS 6297
Soil infiltration rate (Soakaway test) BRE Digest 365
Post foundation test (push mode) BS 7669-3
Determination of the length to thickness ratio of rock armour BS EN 13383-2
Tensile load test BS 8539


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