Our well-resourced facility is staffed by experienced and highly trained technicians who hold Lean Six Sigma certification. 

This commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is at the core of our operations, ensuring that we provide you with the highest quality asphalt testing laboratory service and industry-leading turnaround times.

Asphalt Laboratory Testing

Our Asphalt Testing Laboratory Services

Our asphalt testing laboratory offers a comprehensive range of services to meet industry standards and requirements. These include:

SHW Series 900 Testing

We specialise in conducting tests within our asphalt testing laboratory in accordance with the Series 900 of the Specification for Highway Works (SHW). These tests are essential for the construction and maintenance of highways and road infrastructure.

BS EN 13108 Testing

Our asphalt testing laboratory is equipped to perform testing according to the European Standard EN 13108. This standard ensures the quality and performance of asphalt and bitumen materials used in road construction.

BS 594987 Asphalt for Roads and Other Paved Areas Testing

We conduct rigorous testing within our asphalt testing laboratory in compliance with BS 594987, which outlines the specifications for asphalt materials used in the construction and maintenance of roads and paved areas.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation Specifications

Our asphalt testing laboratory offers a range of services that adhere to the specific requirements outlined by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. These tests ensure the reliability and performance of materials used in defence infrastructure projects.

Coal Tar Identification

We have the expertise and equipment needed to identify coal tar, a critical component in various bituminous materials. This service aids in quality control and product verification.

Testing Bitumen

Why Choose Celtest for Asphalt and Bitumen Testing?

Celtest's Asphalt and Bitumen Laboratory is your trusted partner for all your testing requirements.

Our experienced and professional asphalt testing laboratory team is committed to delivering quality, efficiency, and industry-leading services to all of our clients.

  • Experienced and Certified Technicians - Our asphalt testing laboratory is staffed by technicians with extensive experience in the field and Lean Six Sigma certification, ensuring the highest level of proficiency and quality.
  • Continuous Improvement - We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our processes and services, which translates to better results and faster turnaround times for our clients.
  • Industry Leading Turnaround Times - We understand the urgency in the industry. With our efficient operations and cutting-edge equipment within our asphalt testing laboratory, we provide results with unmatched turnaround times.
  • Precision and Reliability - Our commitment to excellence means that you can trust the accuracy and reliability of our testing results, crucial for making informed decisions about asphalt and bitumen.
  • Comprehensive Services - With a wide range of asphalt testing laboratory services, we cater to diverse needs in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

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